As most of you already know, a large apartment complex is being built on the site of our dance school. The housing shortage in Leiden is large and the old auction hall in which our dance school has been housed for 14 years is unfortunately being demolished.


Once the late Leo Martina (founder Dos Bailadores) started in 1992 in Café de Sclam on the Herengracht. Other catering establishments in Leiden followed such as “De Grote Beer” and “De Harmonie” on the Breestraat. In the meantime I entered in 1994. Eventually we ended up on Middelstegracht 8, which became a household name in Leiden and the surrounding area. A small cozy location where we created the living room feeling. After 11 years the Middelstegracht got another destination and we were forced to move. After a long search, we initially moved to Perzikweg 2 for a year. There were 14. The housing project was being postponed all the time.

Here too Leo managed to create that feeling of living room again and the location with thousands of dancing hours has now really been lived through. After his death on May 22, 2015, exciting, emotional times began. One thing I knew for sure: the dance school had to continue to exist.

New Location

After another long search, I can gladly inform you that we will move to the location of the Leids Danscentrum on Lammenschansweg (above Leen Bakker) near us on the other side, where there is good parking and spacious dance floors. A unique collaboration that I have great faith in. At this dance school that originated in “style dance school Evert Castelein” I spent a lot of hours in my student days. The current owners of the Leids Danscentrum, Ramie and Mahir, want to create a cozy place together with DOS at the Leids Danscentrum where all DOS people will feel at home. Frequent conversations and the pleasant contact have given me the confidence that Dos Bailadores can continue his dance activities well here while maintaining the traditionally known atmosphere and fun dance atmosphere.

We will inform you in the coming period of the planned dance evenings in the summer, the final party at Dos and of course the start and the opening party at the Lammenschans.

Who is currently in class, will be informed about the new planning following an inventory of the transfer in September.

Monique Struch