Dear (future) dancers,

We are allowed to re-open – please be patient – we will be moving

In the past two years the Leids Danscentrum (LDC) and Dos Bailadores (Dos) have worked very hard to be able to let you dance in a safe environment, despite the crisis and all the restrictions. In almost 2.5 years, however, both dance schools have only been open about 1 year.

Fortunately, from now on, dance schools are allowed to open again, because exercise is healthy and increases your resistance. We would love to see you dance again, but please be patient, because we have some surprising news! Dos Bailadores is going to move!

Lammenschansweg 134a – demolish location Leids Danscentrum

It has only just been announced that LDC and Dos, due to accelerated demolition plans, will have to vacate the location in February. LDC (from whom Dos rented space) is looking for, but has not yet found, a suitable alternative. This means that, effective immediately, Dos needs another location for her classes to ensure continuity.

Good news! We are going to move and will carry on!

After rapid communications with the owner of dance school DC Dance in Leiderdorp, it is possible for Dos to continue her lessons on the outskirts of Leiden. The past two years Dos Bailadores already rented space here and this will be extended considerably for the coming dance season.

DC Dance

DC Dance has a wide range of solo classes and is a renowned dance school for toddlers, children, youth and adults. The unique cooperation creates a center for all ages and almost all dance styles.

Dos Bailadores will of course remain your trusted Dos with her own name, teachers and lessons.

The location of DC Dance is attractive, situated in Leiderdorp just on the border with Leiden. There is free parking in the vicinity and good accessibility by public transport and car.

New course season starts in February

The start of the new course season with previous open days can of course only take place after the move. We are working hard to realize everything on short notice, so that we can soon enjoy the dance floor again. The target dates to start are 6 – 11 February.

Open days & introduction to new location – as per end of January

The open days you are accustomed with, are planned by the end of January: Friday the 28th of January from 19.00 – 22.30 hours and Sunday the 30th of January from 14.00 – 17.00 hours and 19.00 – 22.00 hours.

Practice evenings

There will be no practice evenings this month. We are exploring new concepts. More information will follow.

We will keep you informed and hope to meet you soon at the new location.

Dos Bailadores

Monique Struch