Latin Tuesday early edition with pre-workshops at 7 pm and 8 pm on August 30 and September 6. Afterwards you can dance the whole evening from 9 pm until 00.30  to the music of our top DJs.
You can find more information and register/pay for party with or without workshops on our schedule
Presale: 10 euro party and/or workshop
Doorsale: 12,50 euro party and/or workshop
Doorsale: 17,50 euro party and 2 workshops
Doorsale cash or QR banktransmission (no pin)

Also put Friday 2 September in your calendar for the Season Opening party.

Our classes start September 11-16 with Open Days on Sunday 4, Monday 5 and Wednesday 7 September. You can register for the free open evenings via the timetable.