Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa consists of the Salsa Cuban style and Rueda.

Cuban Salsa
In the 90s, in addition to the Antillean Salsa style, the Cuban was very popular. In recent years, the Cuban Salsa is on the rise again. Characteristic is dancing in circles around each other as in Salsa Old School. In the Cuban style you can also see the authentic origin of Salsa with its African roots.
Who prefers to learn Cuban instead of LA style has two options. If you have no Salsa dance experience then Cuban 1 is the right course. If you have experience in LA Salsa or Old School, then the “Switch” course is appropriate. Also, if you have danced Cuban elsewhere, it is helpful to start in the “Switch” course to learn Anna and Niels’ specific Cuban style.

Rueda de Casino, often abbreviated as Rueda (= wheel), is a Cuban companion dance in which couples dance synchronously in a circle.
Each time you change partners from within the circle. It is danced to lively Salsa music and is an entertaining spectacle. Rueda is danced with a minimum of 3 couples. The larger the group, the more entertaining it is. The caller indicates which combination should be performed, after which in most cases you will change partners. In the course Salsa level 5 you will learn the basics of the Rueda. Regularly we give courses or workshops for both beginners and advanced. Salsa experience is necessary! Marco Galdeij has been taking care of the enjoyable Rueda classes for years.