One of the most important and popular movements in Caribbean dance is Salsa. This partner dance was created by the unique fusion of European grace, African rhythm and Caribbean dances such as Merengue, Bolero and Son. Salsa literally means “sauce. Just like in a good sauce, in each class the basic ingredients stay the same, but we add more flavor each time. Salsa is a dance for two. Salsa is fast and sensual. Salsa gives room for creativity and improvisation. Salsa is moving in harmony, both with the music and with each other. Always different, varied and diverse. Salsa is irresistible.

Our standard Salsa courses levels 1 to 5 are based on the international LA style. The courses are inspired by the original Antillean Salsa style of Dos Bailadores where the emphasis lies on elegant, rhythmic, fluent and harmonic movements. The basic course is great to start with, even if you have never danced before.


Level 1 – basic beginners course
The basic beginners course introduces Merengue and Salsa. Merengue is a joyful and easy to learn dance from the Dominican Republic.

Levels 2 to 5 – advanced courses (beginners level 2, intermediate level 3 and 4 and advanced level 5)
The emphasis in these courses is on Salsa. The different figure combinations and dance styles are discussed in detail. In level 4, attention is also paid to Cha Cha Cha. In level 5, the Cuban Rueda de Casino is also covered.

Salsa ‘Old School
In the 90’s the Netherlands and Curaçao danced their own Salsa: Antillean Salsa. This flowing and energetic style of dancing was unique in the world. The late Leo Martina (founder of Dos Bailadores) and Monique Struch (owner of Dos Bailadores) can rightly be called one of the pioneers of this Salsa style of that time. The Antillean Salsa is danced with the right foot forward and has, just like the Cuban Salsa, more rotating movements. By now dancing with the left foot forward and integrating Antillean Salsa into the LA style, Leo and Monique have developed a new style with Salsa ‘Old School’. More possibilities, new variations and smooth movements. Moreover, after this you can also dance more easily with Cuban Salsa dancers and it also comes in handy when learning Rueda de Casino. Participation is possible when you have completed Salsa 4.

Salsa Plus
Salsa Plus is the highest level and is suitable for those who want a new challenge. Much attention is paid to figure combinations but also to shines, dance technique and styling. The course content is based on LA style and is new every season. Therefore you can participate in this course more than once. Participation is possible when you have completed Salsa 5. Because there are fewer substitutes at this level, it is advisable to sign up with a dance partner.

We have an experienced team of Salsa teachers: Windert, Monique, Angelique, Marco, Jill, Daphne, Chantal, Anna, Niels, Fabian, Melona, Peggy (substitute), Cyldra (substitute), Wotty.

Salsa Ladystyling
Salsa Ladystyling is a special Salsa course for women with at least Salsa level 2 completed. Attention will be paid to coordination and balance, footwork (‘open shines’), arm movements, elegance of the lady in Salsa and loose dancing.
Depending on the teacher, the emphasis is more on LA style or Cuban style.

In the Salsa Ladystyling Choreo course, you will learn a short choreography in which all elements of styling will come forward: elegance, sexyness, technique and body movements. The goal is to eventually perform the learned dance for an audience, for example at a dance night and the open day. This course is suitable for ladies who love a challenge and have at least 1 ½ years experience with Salsa. This course is not scheduled every season.

Classes will be taught by teachers Anna and Sil Ja on Tuesdays.
Cyldra and Daphne will provide Ladystyling workshops.

For men there are no specific Styling courses but workshops. You will learn the tricks of Salsa. Attention to leading the lady, dance technique, improvisation and music interpretation, among other things.