Zouk is a sensual and graceful partner dance, developed from the Brazilian dances Lambada and Samba de Gafieira. Over the years this dance has developed internationally into perhaps the most versatile partner dance, in which the flow of the movement and the connection between the partners is central. Of course, the Brazilian influence is still present: the distinctive hip movements and intense experience make this the number one partner dance for many. It also incorporates elements of Salsa, Merengue, Kizomba, Samba, Swing and other dances.

During the beginner classes you will learn the fundamentals of dancing together, through a number of figures and patterns. In the advanced classes we pay more attention to connection, individual improvement, musicality and styling. In all our classes the focus is on fun and we teach you the right techniques. The music makes you feel like you can’t sit still. Zouk is not only an elegant, graceful and beautiful dance, it is also good as exercise, reduces stress and is especially fun!

Want to know more about our Zouk teachers? Rianne, Lorenzo and Marije provide our Zouk classes.